Antibody-Drug Conjugate Technology and Services

ADC Services

End-to-End ADC Services with multiple entry points

End-to-End ADC Services with Multiple Entry Points

RESPECTTM Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs):

  • Develop site-specific bioconjugate-ready mAb
  • Screen & identify lead ADC-ready mAb to target antigen
  • Deliver stable cell line producing RESPECTTM mAb

RESPECTTM ADC Development:

  • Screen > 100 ADC candidates to identify optimal leads
  • Evaluate lead ADCs in antigen positive/negative cell lines
  • Conduct biophysical characterization
  • Produce 1 gram of final selected ADC candidate

Payloads and Bioconjugation:

  • Conjugate RESPECTTM or client’s mAb to:
    • Eribulin*
    • Next-generation cytotoxins
    • Client-provided payloads
  • Conduct full bioanalytical and serum stability analyses


  • Dual payloads (2 mechanisms of action)
  • Homogeneous product
  • High conjugation efficiency
  • Highly reproducible

End-to-End Services:

  • RESPECTTM mAb + ADC Services
  • In vivo rodent safety profile of ADCs
  • In vivo rodent efficacy profile of ADCs

Add-on Services:

  • Conduct GLP toxicity study
  • Manufacture GMP clinical trial material
  • Develop IHC diagnostic for patient screening

For more information on Morphotek’s ADC technology and services, please contact or (877) 327-5388

* Any antibody drug conjugate (ADC) employing eribulin as a payload is investigational and has not been approved by regulatory authorities. For information on Halaven® (eribulin mesylate), please see the package insert or contact Eisai’s Medical Information toll-free number 1.888.274.2378.