Discovery Stage Programs - Oncology - Inflammatory Disease

Discovery Stage Programs

Morphotek has built a diverse preclinical pipeline of monoclonal antibodies with potential applications in oncology, inflammatory disease, and infectious disease/biodefense therapeutic areas.


MORAb-047 is an investigational, humanized, IgG monoclonal antibody that targets botulinum toxin, an extremely potent and lethal neurotoxin with potential for use as a biological weapon against civilian or military populations. A precursor to MORAb-047 was discovered by collaborators at the United States Army Medical Research Institute.

TM Peptide

TM peptide is an investigational, 36-amino acid peptide from the venom of a scorpion.  The peptide has been shown in previous clinical studies to localize to patients' tumors.  The peptide is being developed to deliver cytotoxic agents to tumors in patients with central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral tissue cancers.

The information contained herein is investigational and is not intended to make claims of safety or efficacy prior to approval by the FDA or other regulatory authorities. There is no guarantee that the agents described or their uses will be approved by the FDA or other regulatory authorities.